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“Sixbyseven” began as just myself, making small iOS games with the Unity engine, while working as a 3D artist at Studio2a. I became heavily involved with the Source (Hammer) game engine during this time, and already had several years experience with the Unreal Engine (UDK). As a result of using these “Industry Standard” engines, I quickly realized Unity, while an amazing tool, was missing some crucial game creation tools. Being primarily an artist, the thought of building custom engine plugins was daunting (to say the least), but seemed every bit worth the effort. Long story short, I learned Unity’s “editor extension scripting” from scratch, built ProBuilder 1.0, several other tools, and finally put sixbyseven on the map.

During the course of building those first tools, I also became acquainted with CG Cookie, a local (to Chicago) company that focuses on video tutorials for all things CG- Blender, Max, Concept Art, Unity, and more. I began recording Unity tutorials for them, and also helped out with their iOS game “Eat Sheep“, via rebuilding the entire GUI using NGUI, a smooth path-drawing system, and various other bits.

I also work with Verge Game Studio, “a handful of friends who put their careers on hold to take a crack at game development.” The manically-talented (and driven) folks at Verge are building “MaK”, a visually stunning, wonderfully clever, genre-bending game that is sure to rock the world of indie and AAA gaming. If you haven’t already taken a look, put everything you are doing on hold, NOW, and go to vergegamestudio.com.

Lastly, all those games you see advertised, but say “Coming Soon”? Don’t worry, they really are- creating games is my passion, and will become priority in the very near future. If you want to know the minute they do, be sure to keep up-to-date via RSS, watching the sixbyseven blog and Facebook, twitter, or youtube.

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