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ProBuilder 2.1, Now With Smoothing!

Feedback is unanimous- the new ProBuilder 2.0 is awesome! Of course, nothing is perfect, and we’ve taken the entire past month to hammer away at ProBuilder 2.0, relentlessly tracking and destroying bugs through nearly 200 code commits. The user experience has also been greatly streamlined, with improvements such as: Drag selection support for...

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Phones are ringing of the hook!

Well, technically, not phones obviously- but holy reddit batman, ProBuilder is holding the top spot on both /r/gamedev and /r/unity! I am humbled, and thank you all for the support and great feedback- it’s been quite a first day! Even the sixbyseven forum is filling up quickly, including some amazing ProBuilder work from “ZEPH” already in...

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sixbyseven- ready to greet the world!

It’s been a long time coming, but finally here- an official “sixbyseven” site! Quick and simple, “sixbyseven” is a single fellow (myself), although I am always working with talented folks like Verge Game Studio, CG Cookie, and Studio2a. Mostly, I make games, tutorials, and custom editor tools for the Unity 3D game engine....

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