Dec 10th – Jan 10th: Mapping Contest!

With ProBuilder 2.0 just over the horizon, I’d like to announce a Mapping Contest!

One of ProBuilder’s best uses is extremely rapid prototyping via grey-boxed levels, so this seemed a perfect focus for the contest. Plus, I’ve always had a thing for that simple, clean, clay-rendered look 

Rules are very simple:

  1. Build a map using only ProBuilder’s free version (or full, if you have it)
  2. Use only the standard grey dev material
  3. Submit the map to the official Unity forum thread before January 10th, 11:59pm CST
  4. Forum community vote will decide who wins a full copy of ProBuilder 2.0, and all other sixbyseven Unity tools!

If there are many entries, I’ll add several other prizes, of course. Everyone should definitely post their WIP images, ideas, questions, critique, etc in the official Unity forum thread! When it’s time to vote I will make a single post in that same thread, with all the entries, and a Poll to vote in.

To download the free version of ProBuilder, view video tutorials, and other info on ProBuilder, go here:

Really looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations- don’t be shy!