Addictive iOS fun, for free!

Eat Sheep is a very fun iOS app, created by the awesome team at CG Cookie. So awesome, in fact- you can actually download all the assets used to create the game, and they are planning on also releasing tutorials showing you how to make your game like Eat Sheep. There is also a very cool art book coming soon, which I highly recommend purchasing, especially for the beautiful 2D artwork that was created for the game. See the images above for samples!

So where does sixbyseven come in? I had the luck to get involved with Eat Sheep right around the last few months before releasing to the App Store. I was brought in to help out with odds and ends, and had the bright idea to say “Hey guys, we should rebuild the entire GUI in a totally untested Unity plugin, and it will only take a few weeks!”…or something to that effect. I think they accepted just to punish me for such a ridiculous, proposal, and so began a month straight of end-to-end work rebuilding that GUI.

Luckily, it all turned out for the best, and I became very handy with the (indespensable) NGUI plugin for Unity. Thanks to the team, and some last minute help here, the game was finished just in time to be published, and has enjoyed a great reception from all. If you have a few minutes to spare, or are just looking for an excuse to slack off, pop over to the iOS App Store and download Eat Sheep now- it’s free, and many hours of fun!