Hybrid-action AAA game for Unity

From the Mak website:

With our project, MaK, we’re setting out to capture the feeling of exploring something really new. We also set out to make something intensely fun. To that end, we’re building a unique world with its own laws of physics and we’re serving up the player with a set of freeform building blocks to build structures and functional contraptions. At its core MaK is a physics sandbox with tethers, rockets, explosives, teleportation, relative gravity and potentially unlimited room for creativity.

The gameplay comes from a variety of fun game modes that we’re wrapping around this sandbox. From single player mind benders to competitive multiplayer modes like our recently implemented ‘Bombing Run’ style game, the weird physics and contraption building add an element of unpredictable mayhem to the proceedings. The game definitely has a slapstick element to it, which is in full flower as plans go awry, meticulously assembled machines fly apart, and our cartoonish protagonists get set on fire, electrocuted, hurled through space and variously unmade.

Check out the official Mak page on Verge Game Studio’s website for details, news, and more content!