Fast, frantic tunnel racing!

ROCKETSLED! is a fast, frantic, no-holds-barred racing game, in true 3D. You can race on the walls, ceiling, floor- anywhere at all- and you have to be on the ready to switch and adapt every second! Your sled is racing through a randomly generated “ice tube”, curving in all directions, looping, plunging, and climbing at high speeds, just like a bobcat sled. Forget what’s up, down, gravity, and “right”! This is nothing like your average racing game, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll have you hooked!

Currently, you can play either “Fuel Challenge” mode or “Gauntlet” mode. In Fuel Challenge, you race as far as possible without running out of fuel- something like the old arcade games that would give you more time as you passed gates. You can pick up the glowing green fuel cells for more fuel, and coins for extra points.

Gauntlet mode is the twitch-racer’s ultimate challenge- the tube won’t curve too much, but your speed is increasing faster and faster every second! This one is all about instant reflexes, timing, and steady nerves- the instant you land upside down, it’s game over! It’s the hardest game mode, but tons of fun once you get the hang of it.

Test out the ROCKETSLED! “preview” on Kongregate: