It’s been a long time coming, but finally here- an official “sixbyseven” site! Quick and simple, “sixbyseven” is a single fellow (myself), although I am always working with talented folks like Verge Game StudioCG Cookie, and Studio2a. Mostly, I make games, tutorials, and custom editor tools for the Unity 3D game engine. If you also use Unity, you should definitely drop by the “Unity Tools” section, and subscribe to the sixbyseven facebook/twitter for updates- as a fellow game dev, these tools are crucial to my own work, so they are constantly improved and expanded.

There isn’t much to say right now, other than “Hello, welcome, and please take the full tour!” More content will be flooding in soon though, as current projects (espeically ProBuilder 2.0 and MaK!) forge ahead, and new projects are added. The “blog” area of the site will serve as a fairly informal news feed regarding all things sixbyseven, so drop by often or hit the RSS link on the right to stay in touch, if you like. Of course, there is also a Facebook and Twitter page, YouTube if you want to watch for new tutorials (many coming soon!), and even a Steam link if you want to converse while shooting some zombs’ from time to time.

That’s all for the very first sixbyseven post, stay tuned for more, and please drop a comment if you have thoughts on the site!