Unity 3D Tutorials on CG Cookie

Besides making games and tools, I also teach Unity online via “www.unitycookie.com“. Unity Cookie is a fairly new project by CG Cookie, the same great folks who make “Blender Cookie“, which is THE go-to site for learning Blender. If you are interested in learning Unity, Blender, Concept Art, 3DS Max, or just about anything else CG related, check out “www.cgcookie.com“, and don’t hesitate to purchase the “Citizen Membership”!  The majority of the content is free, but for a measly $10/month you get access to exclusive tutorials and downloads, and the education from  industry-experienced veterans is top quality, indispensable knowledge. (Seriously, someone tell them to charge more!)

Of course, that praise is for all the tutorials except my own- you decide on that! Here is a list of Unity tutorials I have produced for CG Cookie, with links:

Series: Getting Started with Unity
Opening Unity 3D or any program for that matter can be a bit daunting. There is this battle of eagerness to get started and not knowing how the software works. The Getting Started in Unity series is a great starting point to bridge that gap, or at least shorten in. These videos are intentionally short and meant to just get your feet wet and then allow you to move past the very basic fundamentals.

Creating a Game in 30 Minutes
In this tutorial, the viewer will finally bring together all previously learned skills and knowledge to create their very own game, entirely from scratch and in only…well, only “about” 15-30 minutes. Not including all that tedius learning and refining of skills, of course.

Series: Lunar Lander Game
Learn how to make your very own “Lunar Lander” style game, in Unity 3D! All assets provided with Citizen Membership.

Getting Started with NGUI
NGUI is a fantastic GUI toolkit for Unity 3D, allowing fast and simple GUI creation and powerful functionality, with practically zero code required. NGUI was used on our recent Unity Game Eat Sheep, so it is ingrained into our production pipeline. We wanted to take some time to show off this tool that enabled us to iterate quickly on the UI and is artist friendly.

Series: Tower Defense Tutorial
Everybody loves Tower Defense games (or should), so why not make one of your own? In this series, we’ll go from start to finish creating an entire Tower Defense game in Unity, and oh yes, it will be great! We will be taking a very modular approach- building seperate parts bit by bit, then bringing everything together in the end.

Quick Tip: Using Player Prefs to Store Data
This Unity Tutorial “tip” will show how to use the “PlayerPrefs” to store data in your game. In this way, you can store just about any data between levels, scripts, and even multiple game sessions. Great for Highscores, player inventory, levels and “waves”, and more!

Quick Tip: Changing Scenes and Quiting the Game in Unity
This Unity Tutorial “tip” will show how to swap your game between scenes, and quit the game entirely. This is of course useful for moving between different game levels, and also specialized GUI scenes. Finally, it’s always good to give your players a way to exit the game!